Corn Candy

Candy was a real treat at our house. If we didn't grow it we didn't eat it.

Occasionally ,when dad did the grocery shopping he would buy us a little corn candy. I don't know why he always bought corn candy. I guess he liked it

When he came home he would divide the candy between the kids. He gave me my share and I started to eat it when I remembered how dad always planted corn ,so I thought if corn grew for him maybe it would do the same for me so I decided to plant part of my corn candy.

I looked around for a good place to plant the corn. It was a hot day so I picked a nice shady spot under the peach tree. I went to the kitchen, got a tablespoon and started digging. About then I began to wonder about my idea. What if the corn didn't grow? Ah ha I had another brilliant ides. I went to the house and got an empty match box, put the candy in it and lowered it into the hole and covered it with dirt. I went off to play but kept a watchful eye on the spot where I'd planted the corn. I waited a long time, probably a whole hour. Well nothing was corning up so I dug up the box and ate the candy corn.