KH Kay Holmberg (Kokenge)
BK William A Kokenge (Bill, Cob)


The times were sometimes harsh, lean and mean,
but they will always be remembered as
the good old days.

Parable of the Twins   KH
The Farm   KH
Matresses KH
The House   KH 
The Barn   KH 
The Work Horses   KH 
Baby Bill and Molly the Horse   KH 
Army Life   BK
Two Creeks   KH 
The Water Well   KH 
The Corn Crib   KH 
Threshing Wheat   KH 
Who's the Boss   KH 
Chickens   KH 
The Cellar   KH 
Wine   KH 
There are Spirits You know   KH
Little Brother Bill   KH
The way we wash our clothes   KH
Mud Pies   KH
Corn Candy   KH
Tonsillectomy   KH
Busy Saturdays   KH
The Dust Bowl   KH
The Depression   KH
The Medicine Peddlers   KH
Ice Cream In the Summertime   KH
The Model T Ford   KH
The Hired Hand   KH
On a Cold Winters Night   KH
Elsie the Champion Runner   KH
Driving the Old Chevy   KH
School Days   KH
Summer Job   KH
Leaving Home   KH
Meeting Jean Holmberg   KH
The Wedding   KH
Prisoner of War Camps   KH
The Seismic Crew   KH
Moving South   KH
Shern School   KH
Trip by Train to Yakima   KH
Little Lulu   KH
Wanna be a Winner   KH