Little Lulu

This is one sad story that I'm reluctant to tell. But it was part of our life, and it needs to be told.

We always had a dog or two on the farm. One of our favorites was a dog named Little Lulu. He was a black cocker spaniel. We picked the name Little LuLu because, first he was a small dog, and second he had black curly hair. Lulu was a comic script character that came out in the mid 30's. She had black curly hair.

Little Lulu loved to chase rabbits. That love got him into trouble and was his undoing.

One winter day he disappeared. We looked all over but he was nowhere to be found. Finally on the third day, our neighbor showed up with him wrapped in a blanket. He found him hanging by his back leg on a barbed wire fence. Apparently he was chasing rabbits again. The rabbit jumped the fence, and so did Lulu. But his back leg got hooked on one of the barbs in the wire. He hung there for 3 days before he was found. How he survived without freezing is a mystery. Anyway he was very weak and cold. We warmed him up and feed him. Eventually he was his happy self again.

He never used his back leg again, but it didn't seem to slow him down.

Again one day, he was back to chasing rabbits. The rabbit ran under a trailer we had parked in the weeds. It was low to the ground. Lulu followed the rabbit under the trailer, and they both popped out the other side. Only this time his back leg was gone. Apparently it was useless and just hanging on. Now the funny part. We were always taught never to waste food. We had plenty, and ate what we could, but we never wasted any. Lulu must have understood the lesson. But he took it to a new level. He went back under the trailer and came out with he lost leg in his mouth. He was happy for a few days, cause he chewed on it as if it were any bone but his.

Now the sad part. We were cutting hay. To cut hay we pulled a cycle that had a blade that went back and forth close to the ground. Again Lulu was happily chasing rabbits. One rabbit hopped over the blade and so did Lulu. However this time the cycle caught him and he lost his two front legs. We had no choice but to get the gun and end his mystery as fast as possible.

We were all sad. We loved that dog. We know he is in doggie heaven. We will never forget him..

Little Lulu the comic character

Horse Drawn Cycle