Shern School

Shern school was only one half block from the house. The kids went to school half days because there were so many kids the schools weren't being built fast enough. Our house was a beehive of activity. Pat went to school at noon while Mickie had to leave early. I think her classes started at 7:30. One very foggy morning Mickie left for school but she was soon back home. I said "Mickie, go back to school. You'll be late." She said "Mom, the school is gone." I had a hard time convincing her that the school was still there but that she couldn't see it because of the fog. I told her to keep walking in that direction and she would soon see the school.

We were in a verbal war with Cuba. Cuba is a communistic country with Fidel Castro as their dictator. Many Cubans wanted to be free from this dictator and were asking the United States for help. Castro was angry and he threatened to bomb the United States.

Houston is only ninety miles from Cuba so the schools were instructing the children what to do in case of an air attack. If they were at recess playing on the playground they had to run into the building, stay in the hallway if possible, drop to their knees, roll up into a ball and stay that way until the all clear bell rang. If they were in their desks they dropped to the floor beside their desks and rolled into the usual ball. They had at least one drill every other day. Things were getting pretty hot about that time

Our neighbor, Hope Adams, a retired army Colonel was the civilian administrator for our area. It was his responsibility to help get everyone out of town if we were attacked. He and I would have a friendly argument about what I'd have to do in case we really were attacked. I'd be forced to take the car, go to Stella Link Boulevard and head south. south. And there would be police at the comer to make sure I'd do what I was told. I said "What about the kids and Jean." He said "You'd have to leave them." I said" If you think I'm gonna leave the kids, you're crazy." He said "Then I'd haveta shoot ya".

Pat came home one day when she was in the third grade, all exited, to tell me she had a boy friend. I told her she was to young to have a boy friend. Dumb mother.

Judy was in the third grade and Shern school was good for her. She was a quiet shy kid and since most of the kids didn't know each other it was easier for her to get acquainted.

Bill started kindergarten. One morning rain was pouring down so I decided to drive the kids to school to keep them dry. I got them into the car in the garage and dropped them off under the canopy in front of the school... all nice and dry. I barely got home when Bill came walking in the door. I was really mad. After making sure he kept dry, he came walking in soaking wet. I walked him back to school, in the rain. When I got to the classroom door, I told the teacher how mad I was. She said "I'll take care of it". Bill came home at noon all smiles. The teacher made him the door monitor and he had to make sure none of the kids got out the door to go home. This teacher also had meetings once a month to let the parents know how their kids were doing. At one of these meetings the kids were to introduce their mothers. They each had to stand beside their desks and say "Hi, My name is Jim and this is my mother Mrs Adams". that way we would know their first and last names. So we met Mrs Adams, Mrs Lillick and so forth. When it came time for Bill to introduce his mother Mrs Holmberg he stood up and said "Hi, my name is Bill and this is my mother Katie".

Carole was in the first grade and liked to take unusual things for "show and Tell" Once she took a pair of new shorts that I had just finished making for her. Another time she took a frog. Frogs were everywhere so the kids weren't to impressed with her frog. We bought a new puppy and she decided the dog was hers. She named the dog Ginger and she took it to school for show and tell.. I decided I'd better go with her to take the puppy home after all the little kids had seen it. It's a good thing I did Ginger wasn't used to being around a bunch of first graders and she ran under the teachers desk and wouldn't come out.