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RunBasic program Samples.
Some can be used in E-Business.
Some are just for having fun

RunBasic is a web based application development system.
RunBasic makes it easy for quick development.
Yet it provides a powerful syntax to do complex jobs.




RbGen Automatically generate Run Basic code from your Database. The generated program lets you list, search, sort, add, change, login, and delete.

 Help Desk A simple Help Desp system. You can maintain trouble tickets, get stats, generate spread sheets, maintain users and more.

Login: admin/admin

 Amort Mortgage Amortization.
A very simple mortgage amortization.
Enter amount, Years, and Payment cycle.


 Wine Winery Management
A winery management system. Manage wine from crush to bottling. Track variety, quality, taste, tratments, and work centers.

 BarCode Bar Code (3 of 9)

 Blog A basic but powerful blog system. Complete control over Forums and Topics.
Modeled after
ProBoards the same Blog used for Run Basic. It duplicates all the features +.

 Calendar A web based Calendar. Allow users to maintain calendar schedules. Schedue and avoid conflict of assets such as Conference rooms, or machines.

 Calculator A simple calculator.
Although not suited for the web it does show some interesting functionality.

 Genealogy This is a very simple Family Tree system.
Maintain and publish your family tree to the web. Has many features including searches, back and forward traces, statistics and more.

 GuestBook This is a simple person file manager that can be used as a guest book. If used as a guest book, it allows the guest to sign in later and update or delete their information. It allows searches on multiple fields using wild cards. You can sort in various ways.

 MLR Multiple Linear Regression
This program finds the coefficients of a multiple variable linear equation. Use any number of variables and 1 Dependent variable

 Album Album.. Simple Web based Photo Album system.
Maintain albums that contain photos, movies, and music

 Photo This presents photos to the user. They can display them one at a time or automatically.

 SSN Should you take Social Security Early. This calculates at what age you break even if you take early retirement


For Android
SQLite database management system.
Load existing databases
Create new databases
Delete databases
Add, Change, Delete, and Alter tables and fields
Add and Delete indices
Browse tables
Write SQL commands against tables.
Generate RunBasic programs from Queries
Export database and/or data


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