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This is a web based wine tracking system. It tracks from crush to bottling. It keeps accurate information about varietal, addatives, taste, and processing. It finds best pipe lineups.
Frequently Ask Questions.

Do I need a server?

A server is needed somewhere.
You can run it from your server
You can buy time from a web host provider.

How long does it take to get the system?
You should be up and running in a few hours. Basically you create a database that has all the stuff needed to start entering your winery information.

How do I access the system?
Any device that has web access and a browser can use the system. This includes tablets and smart phones.

Does it track yield?
Yes.. The Gallon per Ton value is altered with gains and loses each time wine is moved. This means at any time, you know exactly how many tons of grapes it used by variety, area or year.

Does it track wine loss?
Wine loss to processing is tracked at every move. It keeps the total gallons and losses by process. For example if wine was filtered 200% and losses at 10% the system knows the gallons and cost of wine loss to processing at every move.

What about wine inventory.
You can look at inventory for any month and year. You can break the inventory in many combinations such as variety, area, year, color, wine process, storage, taste, quality, yield, and others.

Can I interface with spread sheets?
Yes. Every screen alows you to export data. Again you can export it in about any combination you like.

Can I keep track of crush?
Yes.. After you develop a Crush Plan, it keeps it up to date with actual crush. It lets you know if you will meet or exceed your crush plans. You can make crush decisions based on real time crush information.

Can it do blends?
There are two ways to blend based on the tanks and quantity you want. It will give you several ways to mix the tanks.
1. By taste. Give it the quality and taste you want.
2. By variety. Give it any of the following percents; color, variety, area, or year.

Does it track quality?
You give wine a grade on taste and quality. As you mix wine it is updated based on the percentage of the wines mixed.

How does it select Pipes for lineup?
There are several options; Least distance, Least connections, Greatest heat transfer, or Lineup reuse.

Can I find bad pipes?
Since history is maintained on all pipe usage, you can get a gallon per length per hour. You then know what pipes are bottlenecks.










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With over 20 years of wine experience it is our goal to make the best software available.

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